Saturday, May 26, 2012

how i feel


the ache i feel i can not describe, its like somethimg is broken, something is missing. i feel hollow. i feel sad but at the same time i'm not. i feel sick, nautious. but at the same time i still feel okay.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Who I Am

here's a little poem I wrote:

Who I Am

I hide behind a painted mask,
 And wear another’s clothes.
I speak another’s words,
And am forced to hide emotion from unjust eyes.

My face is a mirror,
Reflecting the person you want me to be.
I act as a meager shadow,
Merely imitating what others do.
My insecure self, buried in the depths of the character I play,
The image of a person I have built up to be me,
The person you think me to be.
While I hide behind another’s face.

But no more.

I peel back my disguise,
And expose the raw essence of my true self.
This is who I am,
Always was,
And always will be.
It can never be altered.
Not by you, nor even I.
And no one can ever change that.

So let the light of my soul be seen,
A glowing aura seeping out of my skin.
Let the truth in my voice be heard,
It may surprise you,
It may disturb you,
For it is not what you expect from me.
Breathe in my enduring aroma,
Let it engulf you;
Immerse itself in your senses.

Because I have realized that I must accept myself as I am,
And show the world the girl who has been buried inside.
The girl who broke through the imprisonment that she was put in,
And reclaimed control over herself. 
For I will always be that girl, 
The person I thought that no one wanted me to be,
The one who was forgotten.
Resurfacing from a blurry misconception.
To be the person I truly am,
To be me.